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Services provided by Metropolitan Restaurant Brokers




  • Targeted business selection by identifying opportunities that meet specific criteria and cash flow objectives

  • Schedule showings

  • Reviewing and understanding financial records

  • Offer terms and conditions guidance

  • Assist with contract negotiations

  • Landlord assistance

  • Assist with franchisor approval

  • Aid with finding financing

  • Provide access to a large supportive network of professionals to assist with business start-up




  • Selling price valuation

  • Promote your business to our huge database of buyers

  • List your business on our site and other top business brokering sites

  • Advertise your business to our extensive partner network

  • Market your business across the internet

  • Screen, qualify and educate potential buyers

  • Contract negotiations with buyers

  • Support throughout the closing process



Landlord Services




Metropolitan Restaurant Brokers works with landlords to find qualified lessees to occupy restaurant space for lease. Whether you have brand new space that you think is right for a restaurant, or a built-out space with all the furniture fixtures and equipment, we can find you an operator. We have worked with landlords to get market rents, and drive the value of the buildings up. If you are looking to increase the value of your building by putting in a qualified operator, and getting appropriate rents, make sure to engage us to lease your space out.  With the failure rate of independent restaurants at 80% in the first 5 years, it is important for you, as a landlord, to find a tenant that has both operational qualifications and financial backing to make sure the rent will be paid.





Metropolitan Restaurant Brokers has years of experience leasing restaurant space. Having completed leases and lease transfers as an owner, leaser and with hundreds of restaurant selling clients, we have a huge database of pre-qualified tenants. Metropolitan Restaurant Brokers is engaged by local and national landlords to fill retail space with restaurant tenants. If you already have tenants in mind we can also assist landlords in signing a lease with the lessee/operator with favorable terms to ensure market rent is achieved, maximizing the value of the building. Our specialty is working on restaurant transactions/leases, and by working with us we will ensure the operator coming is financially qualified, and the lease is structured in a way that helps you maximize market rent and building value.


If you need assistance in completing a lease for a restaurant tenant or need assistance in finding a restaurant operator for your space or building, please contact us.





Landlords and developers that own buildings with restaurant space or potential restaurant space frequently work with us to do Market Rent analysis. If you are negotiating a new lease with a tenant or filling a space with a restaurant operator, we can help make sure you are maximizing the value by getting the market rent.  Having a good lease with the appropriate market rents will drive your building value up and produce the right cash flow.


Metropolitan Restaurant Brokers can work with you to identify the market rent for your space and also assist you in structuring your lease to be favorable with a restaurant operator.  We can also tell you if we think your space is better suited for an alternative business type in the event we believe the space is not well suited for a restaurant.



Landlord Listings



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